Well that didn’t last long…

I woke up this morning and had absolutely no energy again. I nearly fell over when I did get out of bed. I’m hoping after I do a few Gym sessions like Thursday evening I will have  energy for more than one day. I probably shouldn’t have used that energy to go on a long walk because I haven’t done any studying since Thursday night. I had the best intentions to do it yesterday but even yellow overlays won’t compensate for how easily I get distracted by things that are less boring. I know that I’m not anywhere near the point where I know enough to just scrap the grade I need. I only have about 80 days for the law gcse exam and less than a month until my level 1 maths exams. The housework hasn’t been great either. I have been preoccupied with things like my weight which is getting irritating because every day not being able to do my trousers up without them feeling tight is irritating me. My weight won’t  shift from ten and a half stone.


Author: Diary Of A Painfully Shy Introvert

I am a female who is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and Borderline Learning Disabilities at 16 years old. I started this blog to increase awareness and understanding about how it is to live with these co-morbid conditions. Also, totally a stable genius! Disclaimer - May not be suitable for viewers of a nervous disposition or those that are easily offended (and especially the ignorant).